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One21 guarantee to get your JOB in front of more EYES and take the Hassle out of Hiring!

A Tauranga-based national and global reaching outsourcer of recruitment services, One21 looks after your business recruiting needs from top to toe and have experience working across a wide range of industries and professions at all levels. We utilize our wide advertising reach, extensive database, and job market expertise to source and attract skilled personnel for employers and assist job seekers with their career moves.

One21 manages a timely and cost-effective recruitment process, making it easy for you to get on with the important job of running your business, whilst we find the right people to work in it.

Contact: Kirsty Morrison

@ One21 - Recruitment Business Partners

P: 021 355 179 E: [email protected]

Check out our latest Jobs:


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Updates @ One21

This Weeks TOP JOB Opportunities:




Posted on 3 February, 2020 at 17:43

One21 are Recruitment Business Partners for some well renowned Tauranga businesses recruiting NZ wide.

We are currently recruiting for the following job vacancies and are keen to hear from anyone with matching skills.


* CAD Detailer for Joinery fit-out Industry - Tauranga

* Dockhand and Maintenance Marina Attendants - Tauranga Bridge Marina 

* Commissioning Engineer for Electrical Infrastructure Industry - Auckland/Hamilton/Wellington/Tauranga

* National Operations Manager for Interior Fit-out Shop-fitting construction industry - Tauranga

* Production Planning Coordinator for stone bench top and ceramic manufacturing industry - Tauranga

* Senior Programme Manager /  Project Manager for Electricity Industry - Auckland

* We also have General Manager and Operations Manager roles coming soon.

JOB SEEKERS to find out more please APPLY ONLINEat:

EMPLOYERS if you have a job vacancy to market contact:
Kirsty Morrison @ One21 - The Recruitment Outsourcer
Ph: 021 355 179 

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Posted on 24 October, 2019 at 17:55
Making your next People Investment? 

Talk to One21 Recruitment about managing the recruitment process for you and benefit from the following .....

1. LEAD GENERATION and Targeted Selection

2. EMPLOYER BRANDING Full Transparency = MORE Quality Candidates Applying

3. Knowledge of the current JOB MARKET

4. NOT just CV Spammers and Forwarders

5. Comprehensive REFERENCE CHECKS

6. Utilising Technology

7. Candidate Relationship Management and timely Communications

8. Unbiased Processing and neutral 'Buffer in the Middle' for internal / external / referrals

9. Sourcing Locally, Nationally and Internationally

10. Transparent Costs - Fixed fees mean NO High Commissions

11. Contract and Salary Negotiations

12. Sustainable Hiring - not just after a quick fix we have a vested interest in YOUR INVESTMENT.

One21 have a Passion for helping People into Professions

Read full article here:

Contact Kirsty Morrison RPO @ One21 - The Recruitment Outsourcer
P: 021355179 
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Are you Hiring Part-Time Staff - Tauranga Jobs

Posted on 12 June, 2017 at 19:20
Tauranga Businesses - Are You Hiring Part-Time Staff?

One21 Recruitment have an extensive range of skilled candidates seeking permanent part-time, contract or short term employment in the Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty region.

From Trades and Retail through to Accounts and Office Administration and Legal and Professional services, we have quality candidates that could be just the ticket for your business needs.

In many cases our candidates are already screened, selected and short-listed, interviewed, skills tested, reference and background checked, with their motivations, availability and reliability discussed, photographed and profiled and ready to be considered for your job.

We will also advertise every job vacancy here online to ensure we are always getting the best applicants both on and off the current job market. 

For a cost-saving, robust, thorough and efficient recruitment and hiring process contact One21 Recruitment now.

Kirsty Morrison
One21 - The Recruitment Outsourcer
RCSA Accredited Professional Recruiter
P: 021 355 179
E: [email protected]

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Seasons Greetings! Seeking a New Job in the New Year?

Posted on 15 December, 2016 at 15:49

It's a busy time of the year and nobody really feels like job hunting right now with the holidays just around the corner. But don't miss out on a new job in the New Year! Apply now and see what wishes and goals you can achieve with a fresh start in 2017.

For more information on these roles or to register your interest please click on the APPLY link next to each role:

Process Design Engineer, Bay of Plenty Jobs                                              APPLY
Retail Energy Sales Representatives - Christchurch and Hamilton           APPLY
Business Manager - Classic Builders Group, Tauranga                               APPLY
Bridge Builder - Carpenter - Chippie , Bridge IT NZ                                     APPLY
Substation Designer, Tauranga                                                                     APPLY
Project Manager, Auckland Electricity Infrastructure                                 APPLY
Quality Control Officer, Katikati, Bay of Plenty                                           APPLY
Part-Time Accountant, Tauranga Jobs or Hamilton                                   APPLY

And if you are a business looking to replace staff resigning at this time of the year or to grow your existing team, please don't hesitate to contact Kirsty Morrison at One21 Recruitment for a professional and personalised recruitment service. See our TESTIMONIALS from satisfied clients HERE

One21 - The Recruitment Outsourcer
Tauranga Job Specialist
New Zealand wide Recruitment
Ph: 021 355 179
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Top Tauranga Business Seeking New Staff

Posted on 12 October, 2016 at 22:59
Are you a Tauranga or New Zealand business looking to fill a Job Vacancy?
Why not try One21 Recruitment....

Why use an out of town agency when you have a local, national and international recruitment professional right here in your own neighbourhood with 100% talent sourcing success rates? 

And as we are a recruitment outsourcer we cost only a little more than DIY, half the price or more than a traditional big city recruitment agency and a whole lot less than making a hiring mistake by getting it wrong!

One21 are Recruitment Specialists helping businesses with all their employment needs. We become an integral part of your organisation working as your recruitment function and collaborating with your HR or Hiring Managers to manage all your employment and talent seeking needs. 

We work across all roles and sectors and although One21 is based out of Tauranga, we recruit for businesses throughout New Zealand, as well as offshore. We are also specialists at sourcing international talent where there are identified skills shortages in the local job market.

One21 use innovative and creative job marketing skills, specialist tools and resources, a vast range of online job boards, Internet sites, social and traditional media, extensive candidate databases and business networks to source the best talent for job vacancies in the Bay of Plenty. 

We manage the complete hiring process working alongside our clients, HR and Hiring Managers to ensure a thorough, unbiased and robust recruiting system is followed and the best person is found for the job. At the same time marketing and promoting your business at its best. 

One21 make it easy for you to get on with the important job of running your business, whilst we get on with the important job of finding the right people to work in it.....

Award Winning One21 Recruitment have been recognised in the recruitment industry as:

WINNERS 2014 DAVID AWARDS 'Most Outstanding Lifestyle Business'

FINALISTS 2015 SARA 'People's Choice Recruiter / Industry Contributor of the Year' 

2015 SEEK Annual Recruitment Awards FINALIST 'Small Recruitment Agency of the Year'

If you are a business that appreciates quality personnel recruitment processes, and you want to resource the right staff and identify the right fit of talent for your company culture i.e ensure round pegs go into round holes - then make One21 your first call today. 

We welcome your call for a no obligation chat on how we can service your business recruiting needs.
 Kirsty Morrison 
One 21 Recruitment 
Ph: 021 355 179


 Substation Designer, Tauranga    APPLY
 Project Manager, Electricity Infrastructure, Auckland   APPLY
 Sales, Customer Service and Facilities Maintenance, Papamoa   APPLY  
Document Controller - QMS Internal Training Coordinator   APPLY   
Builder, Concreter    APPLY   
Global Regulatory Affairs Manager   APPLY   
Yacht Detailing Crew, Oceanix Yacht Care  APPLY

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90 Day Trial Error and Dismissal for medical incapacity…

Posted on 20 September, 2016 at 18:42


Employee justifiably dismissed for medical incapacity…

An employee has been dismissed 22 months after suffering a serious spinal and pelvic injury while at work. The employee returned to work after a year, under a graduated return to work programme organised by ACC. The employee completed light duties and had built up to working 16 hour weeks when his occupational medical specialist told him that he would not be able to return to work in his pre-injury role.

The employer then terminated the employee’s position because of medical incapacity.

The Employment Relations Authority rejected the employee’s personal grievance claim for unjustified dismissal.

The ERA held that the employer had acted as a fair and reasonable employer could in all of the circumstances by dismissing the employee when he could no longer perform the work he was employed to do.

However,the ERA found that the employer had unjustifiably disadvantaged the employee by not having provided him with *outplacement assistance such as assistance with CV writing and interview skills*. The employee had been offered a morning tea and a written reference, but no other support was provided to him.

The ERA reasoned that the employee was entitled to outplacement assistance as he was dismissed as a result of his incapacity rather than for any deliberate or careless fault, such as misconduct. The ERA noted that his dismissal was akin to a dismissal on the grounds of redundancy, and thus *the employer was obligated to treat the employee fairly when carrying out the dismissal.* The ERA noted that fair treatment can include providing the employee with counselling, career and financial advice, retraining, and related financial support.

The ERA awarded the employee $2,000 in compensation for the loss of benefit of receiving outplacement assistance, and $1,000 in compensation for injury to feelings.

Alan Knowsley
Rainey Collins Lawyers

*NOTE FROM ONE21 RECRUITMENT: This is where One21's Outplacement Support 'Job Steps' could have been utilised to assist the employee with Career Counselling, CV Writing, Interview Coaching and transitioning into a new job. ONE21 JOB STEPS

90-day trial provisions must have a start date says ERA!

In a recent case, four employees resigned from their job and have since applied to the Employment Relations Authority to uphold their personal grievance claims for unjustified dismissal.

At the time of their resignation, the employees were on a 90-day trial period.
The employees argued before the Employment Relations Authority that the 90-day trial provision in their employment agreements was nullified as the clauses did not state when the trial periods would begin.

The ERA noted that in order for a 90-day trial period to be legally valid, the provision must contain a start day.

The ERA held that the individual employment agreements did not reasonably imply that the 90-day trial started on the first day of the employees’ employment.
The ERA noted a number of circumstances where parties may agree that the 90-day trial period should start after the first day of employment, for example if some offsite training is to take place before an employee begins work, if there is a temporary overseas placement, or if there is a lengthy induction period.

This case is a good reminder for all employers to ensure that their 90-day trial provisions contain a start date and comply with employment law.

Alan Knowsley
Rainey Collins Lawyers

Tel (04) 473 6850
Fax (04) 473 9304
DX SP20010
Level 19, PWC Tower
113-119 The Terrace
PO Box 689
Wellington 6140

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CV Writing / CV Makeover - Half Price Special

Posted on 1 September, 2016 at 19:29
CV Writing / CV Makeover 
Half Price Special 
Limited Spaces
One21 - The Recruitment Outsourcer

Have you found you are not getting interviews for jobs that should have been a perfect match? Perhaps your CV is ending up in the 'Not Complete / Too Many Questions / Badly Written / Too Many Errors / Out of Date / Antiquated Style' basket of a hiring managers inbox?

For a limited time we are offering a half price special on CV writing / CV updating.

One21 are recruitment professionals with many years experience recruiting for leading businesses and organisations in the Bay of Plenty and beyond and we know what information is crucial to getting you to the next stage of a job selection process.

Many of the top Managers and CEO's in Tauranga have utilised One21's CV writing services to help them with their own career moves, as they know the benefits of outsourcing to a specialist.

Get an up to date, interview-worthy Curriculum Vitae that we know Employers will want to see. We assess your Resume from a Recruiters perspective, freshen it up for the current job market, re-format, and add key words and information that we know our own clients insist on seeing.

Please contact One21 now to schedule in your 'CV Makeover'. There are Limited Spaces available.

One21 - The Recruitment Outsourcer
RCSA Accredited Professional Recruiter
Ph: 021 355 179
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Are you paying TOO MUCH for Recruitment?

Posted on 21 July, 2015 at 20:56
Are you paying TOO MUCH for Recruitment?

A little bit more shameless self promotion is needed today, as I just talked to a local agency and was absolutely flabbergasted by their steep - in fact ridiculously out-of-this-world high fees for recruiting. 

They proposed that if my clients paid them 22% for a candidate (based on first years annual salary) that they would be getting a great deal. When I suggested that price was a bit extreme the consultant said it was because they do 'elite' head hunting around New Zealand. 

Hmmm well so do I - but certainly not at that price!

I do sometimes collaborate with specialist recruitment agencies around NZ when required for technical, hard to fill, or skills shortage roles, although 90% of the time I source these candidates directly. However a fee of 15% is the most I have ever had to contend with from another agency and this gets negotiated down for my clients. I think 22-30% is just over-the-top and surely can't be justified!

Yes I agree we should be paid what we are worth and when we have put many years into becoming a professional recruiter then it is hard to put a price on skills and knowledge. Nobody really knows how much work goes on behind the scenes when recruiting, the tools, the time, the systems and processes, the resources, the technical knowledge and overall cost of getting us to the point where we provide such great results - all our clients usually see are the great candidates we seem to magic out of nowhere. 

So yes, we are worth being paid accordingly. 

But for an agency to offer me a candidate they just happen to have on their books at an initial charge of 22% when they are doing absolutely none of the work in this recruiting process and the ad has only been up for less than 24 hours - well that's a bit cheeky really. Whats worse is they have probably convinced that candidate to be 'exclusive' to their agency only and not apply for jobs directly, so they are in effect doing the candidate out of a potential role. I wonder whether that job seeker realises they have a price of around $22,000+ hanging over their head? Are they getting any interviews or job offers I wonder? 

On the other hand One21 work very differently - we are contractors hired to do the full recruitment process at a cost effective fixed fee and we don't charge ridiculously high commissions - or in fact any commissions at all.

One21 are Recruitment Process Outsourcers for businesses in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty, providing cost effective, timely, individualised, results driven recruiting solutions, often at a third of the cost or much less than traditional recruitment agencies, yet providing the highest level of service and often more value and better long term sustainable results. As we are engaged to manage the complete recruiting process for our clients as a contractor, you can rest assured we don't charge hefty commissions or make quick fixes just to get 'bums on seats'. 

We utilise creative marketing, specialist knowledge, a comprehensive database and our wide web of connections, aiming to leave no stone unturned when it comes to sourcing your next star employee, whether you need Permanent staff, a short term Temp or a specialist Contractor. 

We know where and when to advertise, can take care of any subtle 'shoulder tapping' or more direct 'head hunting' if you know who you want, and we always work with discretion, honesty and integrity, treating your candidates with fairness and respect, upholding your company's good name and aligning with your marketing, branding and cultural values.

So why wouldn't you hire a professional to take care of your next recruiting process, when you know it will save you on time, resources and manpower, that can be better utilised working on your own business? 

If it's about cost then think about the cost of doing a DIY job and getting it wrong! You will be surprised at how cost effective it is to engage a recruitment outsourcer and your expectations for service and results will be surpassed.

To find out more about how One21 - The Recruitment Outsourcer can work for you, please get in touch today for a no-obligation chat.

Warm Regards
Kirsty Morrison

One21 - The Recruitment Outsourcer

RCSA Accredited Professional Recruiter

Ph: 021 355 179


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What exactly DO I DO?

Posted on 16 July, 2015 at 17:22
A little shameless self promotion here, since I've realised a lot of my connections don't even know what I do exactly! One21 are Recruitment Process Outsourcers for market leading businesses in the Bay of Plenty, providing cost effective, timely, individualised, results driven recruiting solutions, often at a third of the cost or less, than traditional recruitment agencies. We utilise creative marketing, specialist knowledge, a comprehensive database & our wide web of connections, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding your next star employee or contractor. 

Why wouldn't you hire a professional to take care of your next recruiting process, when you know it will save you on time, resources and manpower that can be better utilised working on your own business?

To find out more about how One21 - The Recruitment Outsourcer can work for you, please get in touch today for a no-obligation chat.

Kirsty Morrison
Ph: 021 355 179 Email: [email protected]

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Before you Hire - Check the Costs of an Employee

Posted on 7 June, 2015 at 16:57
A new employee might take your business to a whole new level. But before you commit, take a moment to think about the less obvious costs involved in taking on a new employee. 

Use the Employee Cost Calculator to understand the costs of a new employee. This provides indicative costs of what hiring will actually cost, and prompt you to also think about:
  • Salary or hourly wages
  • ACC levies, KiwiSaver contributions and Fringe Benefit Tax
  • Recruitment costs (Nb: One21 Recruitment are a contractor with specialised skills and charge lower costs than a recruitment agency charging a contingency fee - this will save you on many other costs in regards to time, advertising, processing applications, interviewing and making the right decision)
  • Equipment, tools and office space costs
  • Training and development costs
  • Bonuses and rises

After using the tool, balance the expected cost against what value you think a new employee will bring. They are likely to be worth the extra money if their skills will help you expand your business into new markets or get you more work.

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