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Posted on 21 October, 2019 at 19:00
If you are Hiring choose One21 Recruitment 

# Creative and compelling Job Ads 

# Marketing YOUR business brand
Full Transparency = More Quality Candidates

# Leveraging top technology platforms to source talented skill-holders

# Established and extensive networks, utilising multitudes of job-sites, databases and social media channels

# Targeted selection and head hunting searches - notifications sent to both active 
job seekers on the market and those not looking who may be tempted

# NOT just CV spammers / forwarders! 
We do our due diligence on every shortlisted candidate and make sure their CV has all the information you require to make an informed decision

# Pre-employment screening and use of insightful application questionnaires add value to shortlisted applications

# Comprehensive References, skills, culture and team-fit checking

# Your Personal Assistant to coordinate and run panel interviews

# Responsive with timely Candidate communications - painting you as an employer in the best light

# 'Buffer' in the middle, providing neutral hiring process for internal applicants / staff referrals -
 NO personal associations prejudicing hiring decisions

# Assistance with contract and salary negotiations

# Providing Proof of extensive Recruitment Agency advertising, essential for Immigration NZ Visa applications

# Our cost effective Fixed fees mean there are NO high commissions fluctuating with salary package

# Sustainable hiring is our motto - we are not just after a quick fix

One21 have a Passion for People and Professions and getting the match right..

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